Bringing REAL Value To Your Realtors​

We position you as the authority in their business, bringing them more value than their Broker!

Are you only as good as your last deal?

Have you heard that before? The truth is that Loan Officers are a dime a dozen in many Realtor’s eyes. 


Very few LO’s offer “real” value to their Realtor Partners.


It usually centers around accessibility, rates, programs, turn around times, etc. but that isn’t value, that is your job.


And as a result of the lack of value, many Realtors, in turn, want to use you as a credit card, rather than a partner in their business.


It’s true, communication is one the core traits that Realtors value, along with meeting dates, being accessible, and providing exemplary customer service to be a strong extension of their business.


But we all know that you can do all of these things great time & time again, and then one deal goes bad, and they’re talking to other Lenders.


It’s frustrating, but something that has been, and will probably continue to be apart of our business in perpetuity. 

That’s why we developed a platform that delivers unique value, centered around their business, superior to what most, if not all, Brokers can provide.


This way, you are positioned as an Authority and an extension of their business that they need in their business, and not some replaceable commodity.

We’ll provide live, high-level real estate training every month, on topics that are relevant TODAY, topics that matter to every Realtor’s business.


Trainings that help them improve their skills, elevate their brand, and help them differentiate their business in a massively diluted industry. 

Imagine, for a moment, what your business would look like if:

  • You could deliver value through education that would actually help your Agents grow their business & achieve their know, like what their broker should be doing!
  • You could stay in front of them consistently without having to annoy them with typical mortgage marketing, or always feeling like you’re asking for business.
  • You could provide them with direct access to industry leaders & some of the biggest names in real estate, who are teaching these strategies.
  • You could continue to provide tangible assets to deliver to the agent, such as a monthly workbook, webinar recordings, etc., all designed to help them grow their business.
  • You could also get coaching for yourself from some of the best in the industry!

Would THIS get you excited? Well, now, you don't have to imagine!

I'd like to introduce you to "Real Estate Mastery Pros"...which will help you experience all that is described... and even more!

"Real Estate Mastery Pros" positions YOU as the Expert resource who Agents need for THEIR business. 

Bottom Line: "Real Estate Mastery Pros" is the easiest, simplest, and fastest way for every Loan Officer to succeed with less time and effort.

This is your opportunity to:


  1. To deliver value on auto-pilot leveraging a network of high value influencers and pros in the industry…
  2. Save time, while still building stronger relationships with agents...
  3. Allow you to build a sustainable, high level business, to earn more income, and position yourself as more than just another Loan Officer.

Real Estate Mastery Pros holds the key to your success!

How the Program Works

  • 1

    Join Real Estate Mastery Pros and Get Access to Our Proprietary Platform

    Once you join Real Estate Mastery Pros, you'll get access to our platform which gives you access to our library of trainings, past coaching calls, and our proprietary system that can put your follow up on auto-pilot..

  • 2

    Upload Your Contacts then Sit Back and Watch Your Agents Get Value on Auto-Pilot

    You'll have the ability to upload your contact list, so our system can send out personal invites to the trainings on your behalf. This means you don't have to remember to do anything, yet still get all the credit!

  • 3

    Engage in Conversations Created for You Automatically

    We'll give you something to talk about, and you'll have more agents reaching out to you, instead of the other way around. You'll always have something to talk about, and finally deliver value in a way not even their broker can compete with.

  • 4

    Attend the Coaching Calls to Learn How You Can Maximize Your Results

    You'll have access to leading professionals in the industry to help you to strategize and grow your business, and show you tips and tricks for getting even more out of all the value we provide.



    We’ll keep you top of mind with your Realtor’s by providing automated messaging every month, so that your Realtors always know what is happening in Real Estate Mastery Pros!


    We’ll give you & your Realtors access to a live Q&A every month to talk to the Presenters, ask questions, & go deeper on the topics so you can put the training to work right away!


    We’ll provide a once per month LO coaching call with our Experts to help you better utilize the platform, and give you access to asking questions & learning from Industry Pros with proven track records of success.


    You’ll receive a workbook every month, to provide to your Realtors with notes about each month’s topics, that can be branded to your company & brand, so that you can have another touch point with your Realtors. 

Created and led by leaders in the real estate and mortgage industry.

Jeff Pfitzer


Mortgage Leader, Lab Coat Agents Podcast Host, Video Influencer and Social Coach

Tristan Ahumada


Real Estate Leader/Coach, Co-Founder Lab Coat Agents, and National Speaker

Easy to Manage and Access

You will have access to ALL past recordings, teaser videos, assets that accompany each month’s topics. You'll even get many BONUS assets provided by the experts, so that you can be the one to deliver more value to your Realtor Partners.

What they are saying about us.

"I love the prompts that remind me to reach out. It's a great nudge for me, plus it automatically sends them invites about the training."

David Rosenthal


"I wanted to learn myself and be a better resource for agents. To share the monthly calls and workbooks. I love to get them involved."

Kendrick Jones


"I use it as a marketing tool, from posting the content in social media groups to e-mail campaigns, to stay in front of my Realtor partners."

Mark Hoskins


Join Real Estate Mastery Pros Today

Implement a strategy and platform that will differentiate your business and position you as the authority to your real estate partners.


  • Monthly webinars of high level education for your real estate agents.

  • Monthly LIVE Coaching call with our Mortgage Pros.

  • Monthly Q&A Call with our speaker of the month for both you and your agents.

  • Ability to upload your contacts for connections and conversations on auto-pilot.

  • Action items you can provide your agents with each month's topic.

  • Monthly Workbook each month for use by you and your agents.

  • Access to all past webinars and assets.

  • Access to some of the highest level industry experts.

  • All the resources you need to become more valuable than their broker!

Risk FREE 30-Day Trial

For a limited time, you can get your first 30 days on us. Let us show you how Real Estate Mastery Pros can deliver value to you and your agents, and why it's a no-brainer to partner with us and become a member.

Jeff Pfitzer

Founder Real Estate Mastery Pros


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